If I were to only make one purchase this Record Store Day, this would be it. Featuring Emanuelle Ara├║jo on vocals, this is a Bossa inspired, Gilles Peterson produced masterpiece. Grab it on 7" this RSD (Apri1 19th).


My second consecutive Slime post features another collaboration with the wonderful George Maple - it's just simply too good to miss out on.


I'd happily sale through life listening to nothing but Slime's productions - calm & intelligent music is all you need. This one features Jeremiah Jae & is taken from a 10 track beat tape titled In the Brick House which I absolutely cannot wait for, album number one is also to follow suit.


Summer couldn't come soon enough with this absolutely marvellous track from Manchester's Begin. Until it does, all I can do is imagine how perfect this would sound somewhere on the shore of the Balearic Sea. Listen to Love Interlude above.

Gilligan Moss

Sound manipulator of the moment Gilligan Moss puts his own incredible touch on the equally amazing new one from Sacred Animals: Gooey. So good you can do little but let out a faint 'ooft' each time the play button is pressed.

Gate Four

Gate Four are a Vancouver-Toronto based duo creating atmospheric soundscapes with an emphasis on warm, melodic tones, who seek to grasp the listener's attention in the absence of words or vocals. Continental Drift does just that - with influences coming through left right & centre from all over the musical spectrum.

Grave Goods

I'm really not a fan of trap,I accidentally ended up at a trap night once and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life. And yet I find myself hooked on the debut single from Grave Goods - which is defintely sort of trappy. Maybe it has something to do with Mothica's stunning vocals, or maybe it's because its genuinely well produced and far more subtle than 90% of the stuff that roles up in my Soundcloud feed. Either way, it's definitely worth checking out.